What inspired our Eid/Raya 2016 Collection?
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What inspired our Eid/Raya 2016 Collection?

Let us rewind back to a few months before my wedding day, my mother wanted me to design a kaftan like dress for my Nikah ( solemnization ). It took us a few months to decide of a design, and finally she decided on the final look. I drafted out some sketches and decided to make Harmalah Kaftan version 1.0.
Mummy (Second from the right) looking so beautiful on our Nikah with the Harmala V1.0, while the rest of my gorgeous bridesmaids are in the Adawiyah Jubah!
I was still not satisfied with the design as it didn't come with sleeve lining and the sequins were not as visible. So when designing for Meem's Eid 2016 Collection, I had made it my goal to have a better version of the Harmalah Kaftan version 1.0 !
When me and Mr H was on a hunt for the perfect sequin a few weeks ago, we found this beautifully designed sequin. We quickly bought the whole roll of fabric and brought it back to our factory for samples !
It was the last and only roll of the beautiful sequin, so we HAD to buy it! :D
The sequins looking really pretty and extravagent on our Harmala Kaftan. When I saw how it looked on our sample for the first time, I shrieked with so much joy inside! 
Through the years, Meem Clothings have always tried to cater to mummies out there, there has been a demand of breast feeding friendly apparels. As our brand grew, our customers have also transitioned from wives to mothers. MasyaAllah :) As per requested, not only does the Harmalah Kaftan 2.0 have a front zipper, we have also designed a front fabric covering to cover the chest just in case you need some coverage! Let me know what you ladies think ;)
 The nicely pleated front covering actually gives the Harmala Kaftan some volume, who says designing with function in mind first won't make your designes look good? :P