BEHIND THE SCENES: Eid/Raya Collection Shoot
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BEHIND THE SCENES: Eid/Raya Collection Shoot

A compilation of scenes from Meem Clothings' Eid/Raya Collection Shoot with the talented photographer, Hazrah Ngah and the beautiful Adiela Safiyyani!

A big thank you also to Aishah Amin for the so so beautiful Farar Place.

This BTS was shot on my wife's iPhone 6. I was supposed to shoot on a proper digital camera, but guess who didn't charge the batteries? Me. *cries*

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this little snippet of our shoot for the Eid/Raya Collection. :)

There's a long story we want to share on how the day went, but remind me to share it with you guys again soon. ;)