Harmalah Flowy Kaftan - Dusty Gold

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Harmalah is also known as a flowering plant. Harmalah inspires to enhance and bloom the wearer whenever worn. You can change the look by inserting the chiffon under or outside for 2 different looks. The Harmala is also designed with a full front satin sash to cover the chest and give a more full covering when mothers plan to nurse their babies!

This stunning Kaftan is made out of Premium Monaco Satin and the Premium Lily Crepe, and is guaranteed to make you fall in love with how soft and comfortable it is for the skin.


-  Kaftan silhouette

- Front Satin sash for chest coverage

- Hidden Zipper on sleeves (Whudu-Friendly)

- Hidden Zipper on the chest (Breast Feeding Friendly)

- High Quality, Hand-chosen sequin sleeves

- Chiffon accent along the streamline