Nusaybah Wrap Jubaah - Maroon

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 Nusaybah Bte Ka'ab was a female warrior and fierce advocate of women's rights in Islam. She is best known for defending Rasulullah saw in the battle of Uhud with a sword, a shield and limitless courage. In one battle, she had sustained twelve injuries with the deepest one on her shoulder, causing her to faint. A lover of Rasulullah saw was she that a year later when she regained consciousness, she asked about the wellbeing of the Prophet saw first rather than her own sons or husband.

Be your own warrior with the Nusaybah dress. Embellished with back darts and a side waist tie, this soft satin dress is a must-have. May we all embody her courage and passion in living our faith.


  • Breast feeding friendly
  • Wudhu friendly zippers on the sleeves


*Sizes runs 2 inches bigger due to A-line design*