Eid '24 Kajol - Taupe

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Embracing the one that got away”

Our journey began in 2018, a year filled with anticipation and dreams of unveiling a collection that would pay homage to India’s rich cultural tapestry. However, life had its own plans, and amidst the excitement, the arrival of a precious blessing postponed our aspirations momentarily.

In seven breathtaking colorways, each shawl is a testament to the richness of experience and the vibrancy of life. From the warm hues of saffron to the tranquil depths of green, there’s a shade to complement every moment, every mood.


- One sided only

- Satin Silk *Luxe Material*

- Slight sheen.

- Flowy and soft.

- Digital Printed

- Designed owned and design by meemclothings

MEASUREMENTS ( Comes in 2 sizes )

Shawl - 200cm x 70cm

Bawal - 114cm x 114cm