Khadijah Flare Dress - Serenity Blue

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Inspired by our original Khadijah Jubah, we decided to give it a little 'upgrade'! This new dress is not only whudu and breastfeeding friendly, but it also lined on the inside, and has pockets as well! 

The original Khadijah was made using soft satin, but we decided to choose this exclusive Crepe material that not only gives a beautiful sheen to the dress, but is also soft and comfortable. This barbiedoll empire dress has an A-line flare silhouette, will make you look like a princess in any occasion. The Elastic band around the waist also makes every fit perfect!



- A-Line Flare Silhouette

- Elastic Band around waist

- Inner lining for sleeves and skirt

- Whudu Friendly (Hidden zippers on the lining on sleeves)

- Breast Feeding Friendly