Maldives Wanderlust Series : Aahuraa (3 Way Bawal)

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Aahuraa is for the fun at heart. It is easy going, simple, yet rich and colourful.

Switch between the floral design and the monogram patterns with this design. Or you can have a third option - show both sides of the shawl.

This 3-way bawal design allows you to switch between the more colourful prints or the plain base with our monogram pattern depending on your mood, outfit and feel for the day. Or you can have a third option - show both the printed and plain sides of the scarf!


- One sided only

- Satin Silk. *Luxe Material*

- Flowy and soft.

- Digital Printed

- Designed exclusively by Meemclothings



Bawal: 114cm X 114cm
Shawl: 200cm X 69cm