Nafisah Jubah - Maroon + Gold

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The Nafisah dress has been inspired by this very lady whom us sisters should strive to emulate. Let us be ardent worhshippers at any time in the day though this hassle-free dress made with the purpose for spiritual devotion. 

Sayyidatina Nafisah was known as the Rare Worshipful Lady. She was renowned for her abstemiousness (zuhd) and piety taqwa. She fasted in the day, spent nights in prayer and was excessively devoted to Allah SWT.


  • Zipper in the middle (Breast-Feeding Friendly)
  • Ablutions-friendly zipper on sleeves
  • A-line flared silhouette
  • Chiffon accents
  • Black sequins
  • Fully lined


*Sizes runs 2 inches bigger due to A-line design*