Turkey 2022 Wanderlust Series: Gradient Stone Blue Satin Luxe Bawal

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This signature stone blue gradient piece is something you need in your collection. The touch of red flowers carefully placed around the borders of this pieces gives a nice pop of colour that is not too loud yet noticeable.

Wear it with the geometric side if you're pairing it up with a plain outfit, or switch to the solid half of the bawal for occasions when you're wearing something else. For the adventurous, fold it the other way to show both the pattern and solid side for more unique look.

We love how they add to the playfulness of this shawl. Take a piece of Istanbul with you to picnics and nights out with your loved ones!




- One sided only

- Satin Silk. *Luxe Material*

- Flowy and soft.

- Digital Printed

- Designed owned and design by meemclothings



Bawal - 114cm x 114cm