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This shawl was inspired by the flower murals of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The upward flowing flower patterns can be seen on one side of our shawl, with the other side featuring an exclusive floral arrangement unique to Meemclothing's design.

This shawl has a white base with pink trimmings and design.


Al-Khansa, whose real name is Tumadir binte ‘Amr, is the best female
poet in Arabic literature. I’ve always regarded her as the Sylvia Plath
of the Arabs. Why, you may ask? Well, Al-Khansa used to write
elegies for the dead and perform them in public oral competitions.
She bloomed in sadness and morosity. Having lost her brothers and
four sons in battles, she coped with their deaths through poetry. Her
poignant compositions were how she rose to fame. To all aspiring
writers out there, do read up about her. Perhaps some of her works
might resonate with you!


- One sided only

- Satin Silk. *Luxe Material*

- Flowy and soft.

- Digital Printed

- Designed exclusively by Meemclothings



200cm X 69cm